Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find BLEND Protein Smoothies?

BLEND Protein Smoothies are currently being sold in select retail accounts in Madison, WI. These accounts include Hy-Vee East, West, and Fitchburg, as well as the Fresh Madison Market in downtown Madison. Please let us know where you'd like to see us expand our footprint by emailing!

Can I still order BLEND Protein Smoothies and apparel to my house?

Yes! While the website does not offer an online checkout, we are still processing orders directly through our service email. Select the six or twelve smoothies you'd like for your box and email to place an order. We will continue to ship smoothies and apparel if retail is not currently an option in your location.

Are BLEND protein smoothies vegan?

Yes! While ingredients are packaged in facilities that may contain milk, the ingredients of our smoothies are vegan.

How much smoothie does a BLEND smoothie pack make?

This will vary based on the amount of liquid you put in your smoothie, but typically a smoothie is around 16 ounces. These smoothies are a large serving size and can be used as breakfast, a post-workout supplement, meal replacement, or to share with someone!

When will my BLEND smoothie box arrive?

Orders can ship out for delivery Tuesday’s Wednesday’s and Thursday’s depending on the number of orders received for the week. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking information when your package ships.

When do I need to order by?

The last day to place an order for delivery within the same week is Sunday. For example, if an order is placed Sunday evening it will ship Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday of the same week. If an order is placed Tuesday it will more than likely not be shipped until the following Tuesday. Placing orders over the weekend will ensure the order ships the next week.

Does clothing arrive at a different time than the smoothies?

Clothing and smoothies are shipped from different locations and will most likely not arrive on the same day. As clothing is custom it may take a few extra days to arrive at your doorstep.